Our labor of love, The Wisdom Tree, is ready to roll in theaters — f-i-n-a-l-l-y! While making this movie, a passionate team of filmmakers withstood a host of odds. Through sheer grit, and drive, a dream came to life.

Moving onto a crucial leg of this journey, we would love to have you on board — as champion for The Wisdom Tree!

Wondering how to pitch in? It's up to you, really! Engage your town and community. Go viral, pin ads, post flyers, share pictures, sell tickets, contact theaters, call the press — beat the drums! Host parties, or have university screenings; discuss the film, before-after; get your town to ponder deeply, "What is The Wisdom Tree!"

There's a hush around The Wisdom Tree. Make it the talk of your town. Thank you!

A Neural Maze, or Indra's Net? An Ensö Moment, or Schrödinger's Cat? Qu'est-ce que c'est!

The Wisdom Tree, is a mesmerizing sci-fi, which interlaces three lives, in an intriguing, timeless mystery. Infused with ethereal music upon sublime colored patterns, mystically, this journey entwines art, science and spirituality, rekindling a sense of 'All is one'!

We're indie, seeking support to screen The Wisdom Tree  in your town. Please sign up; and do get your friends to sign up too!

  We don't sell, spam or share your information.

Yes, I would like to also help bring The Wisdom Tree  to my town. Guide me.

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